Cross Bottom Bulk Bag

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Cross Bottom Bulk Bag Description

Heavy duty bulk bag means one single bag can hold the loading weight up to more than 3000lb, equal to 1.5 tons. With such heavy loading requirement, INOSPACK bags use high strength PP virgin fabric, density more than 180gsm, high strength loops with density more than 50g/m, also the loops will go directly from the top to the bottom, the loops bear most of the weight of the bags. More over, there will be 2 or 3 rings around the body of the bag to ensure the strength of the bag body to hold the designed loading capacity of the bagsA Baffle Bag has pieces of fabric sewn across each corner of a tubular or 4-Panel bag to improve a bag’s squareness, appearance, improve the stability of the load and to more efficiently utilize storage or shipping space.Without baffles, a standard bulk bag can bulge or belly at the sides when filled. Baffled bags are ideal due to their stability . They also improve overall storage capacity. The most common type of baffled bag is a 4-Panel baffled bag.