Mesh Net Bulk Bag

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Mesh Net Bulk Bag Description

Ventilated bulk bags , also named as potato bags or firewood bags, which are made of special fabric with air vents. Normally INOSPACK ventilated bulk bags are U type bags,which is better for loading capacity compare with 4 panels bags. The FIBCs are used for materials that require air circulation. The bags consist of ventilation strips on all four sides, allowing air circulation and making the bags breathable.A duffel, or flap is often used as a top closure, and a bottom spout is utilized as a discharge. INOSPACK vented bulk bags made of Ventilated fabric, net fabric, and Ventilated+Net Fabric (2 Panels Net Fabric and 2 Panels Ventilated fabric). Our ventilated bulk bags are easily customized as per client requirements and needs.

INOSPACK Ventilated bulk bags are breathable, defensive, and exceptionally unique. They will furnish you with the dependability and well-being you and your clients are searching for while pressing and shipping your significant items. Each Ventilated Bulk Bag can be tailor-made to suit your item’s properties and the conditions of the vehicle, so your item shows up in the best state.