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When our company was founded, we made a commitment to be more sustainable in our production processes. That meant we needed to have more sustainable solutions in the future.
The first step was that we use a 100% polypropylene outer bag. We did this because not only does polypropylene thread produce a better product when used for sewing FIBCs, but also because this would make our bags more appealing to re-processors.

In the recycling process, though, the polyester threads contaminate the polypropylene that re-processors use. That means that many re-processors won’t take bags made with polyester threads—making the ones crafted from 100% polypropylene more recyclable and sustainable in the long run.

Not only are we all about sustainability but we’ve also done the work to make sure that our production facilities are too.
When we decided to proceed with several sustainability initiatives in 2015, we communicated our goals to our overseas partners. We began implementing and developing new strategies to be more energy conscious, reduce waste, maximize efficiencies, and more.
So far, we have established complete management process on this:

   1. Scrap Management

Now have controlled the production wastage from the previous 4.7% to now 3.2%, we are now trying our best to reduce this number to be less than 2.5%, we aim to reach this target at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025.

 2.Recycling

With 100% virgin PP material used for the bulk bags, the bags can be recycled after it is life time, with the recycle machines, the used bags can be make into plastic material again, no pollution to the environment,
Overall, we’ve got a lot of work to do and we know it will take much more time and never reach the end. Whether you’re packaging dirt, pharmaceutical grade chemicals, or anything else, we have the knowledge to design and deliver the packaging solution that best fits your needs. It’s our commitment to you—and to our planet—to be a sustainability leader in the FIBC industry.