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How to manufacture bulk bags in INOSPACK

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How to manufacture bulk bags in INOSPACK

With the development of the technology and manufacturing, people require high standard of packing for their products, the most common demand is safety, high efficiency, cost effective and eco-friendly. INOSPACK bulk bags can meet most of these required points.

With this article, the whole production process of bulk bags will be presented in details and you can choose INOSPACK bulk bags to pack your products with confidence.

1. First production step : Yarn extruding. The raw material of bulk bag is Polypropylene (PP),  with this process, the PP particle will be made into a piece of silk roll, UV, anti-static particle , color powder,will be put inside the fabric during this process.  Quality checking: strength of the silk

2. Second production step: circular weaving, with the finished rolls of silks, the circular knitting machine will knit the rolls of silk together to be a whole fabric, with the different width and density of the fabric,with the automatic circular machines, one person can take care of 3-4 machines and check the quality.  Quality checking: strength of the fabric, which is related with the loading capacity of the bulk bags. One more point, the loops use the same silk as the fabric, just different knitting machines

3. Third production process: cutting. The circular knitting machines make the fabric into big rolls, each roll is with the length of about 1000m or more, the cutting process need to cut the rolls of fabric into the right size based on customs’ orders. Quality checking: cutting size, cannot be longer or shorter, visual checking if the cut fabric is broken or dirty and take them away

4. Fourth production process: sewing, the most important process during the whole production process, directly related with the quality standard of the bulk bags, totally made by hands, so sewing of bulk bags required skilled and well trained workers who can operate the sewing machines very smooth fast, understand the tolerance of the sewing requirement, because different kinds of bulk bags with different requirements.

5. Fifth production process: when the bags are finished sewing from the sewing team, the quality inspectors will check the bags one by one,  first visual check if there is any damages or dirt on the fabric, then check the size of each side, length, width, height should be strictly the same as the production drawing within the tolerance, normally +/-2cm or as per custom requirement, which is clearly marked on the production order and drawing

6. Sixth production : packing, the bulk bags passed all the process and finally come to the last, the packing teams need to fold the bulk bags to a smaller size one by one, then put into the packing machine to pack them into small bundle with 10 or 20 pcs per bundle, covered with the packing fabric to keep the bulk bags clean. For export packing, normally 150pcs or 200pcs packed in a pallet, covered with a shell or a carton as per customs’ requirement.

INOSPACK keeps the process checking record for each order and each bag is marked with a number which is related to the number of the sewing worker and quality inspector, which makes INOSPACK could be tracked once the custom receive the bulk bags with some sewing problem

Above 6 main processes is the most important ones during the production, still there will be some other process such as cutting the ropes, the preparation of the spout and some other accessories.

INOSPACK believes that a qualified manufacturer should have a completely production process for their products and each process should be checked during the production and keep the record for future tracking, because we need to meet the high standard level of our clients and provide the bulk bags meet the customs’ requirement and worth the value our custom paid.

INOSPACK target: To be a company respected by our competitors, offer high quality bulk bags to our clients all over the world, offer high pay back to our team members, offer high value to the society including jobs, tax, eco-friendly factory and so on.